Wills & Estate Planning

At Hogg Lawson, we take our commitment to you and your family seriously, and when necessary, raise important issues with you.

It is not uncommon for individuals to be under the incorrect assumption that their assets (business or private) are adequately protected by their current will / estate plan (if they even have one), only to discover upon a professional review that an outdated plan could leave their assets at significant risk of passing into the wrong hands.

If your will does not appropriately accommodate your business structures, your assets may be vulnerable. The team at Hogg Lawson can identify and if necessary rectify such matters.

In recognising the growing needs of our clients, Hogg Lawson have created a specialist Estate Planning advisory role to assist clients to ordinate this important element of their personal affairs.

Whether you have not established a will or estate plan, or even if you have both in place but have not recently had them professionally reviewed by your accountant who understands the structure of your financial assets, it is wise to speak to the team at Hogg Lawson. The team at Hogg Lawson can assist to identify issues and direct you to the right professional service provider, to more effectively protect your assets.