Custom Reporting

The power of integrated custom reporting can give immense clarity and value your business, by generating reports in the exact way that suits your needs, rather than being restricted to the boundaries of common reporting software.

Hogg Lawson's sister company (Solutions Connect) is a software specialist firm who can deliver these solutions for your business.

Let us help you harness your data.

Reporting services is a superior reporting environment which gives you the ability to:

• Format reports in the way which makes most sense for your particular reporting requirements.

• Enrich reports by visualising data graphically through the use of graphs, gauges and dashboards.

• Control which stakeholders can access which reports.

• Generate reports in the format which best suits (like PDF or Excel).

• Deliver reports to stakeholders at specific times via email.

Speak to Hogg Lawson or Solutions Connect today about how to better harness the power from your data.